Local Campaign Thursday

Start local and take on the world, I’ve forgotten who told me that one, but it’s like a lot of things in life if we start small, and take on realistic chunks we will make a difference. By we, I mean every human on the planet, and thus TPP wants to spread the word about everybody who is doing something even on a local level. That way if you come across this site, and find something down the road, you can get out and start helping.

So to start with here are four local groups making a real difference in marine litter in their area.

Rame Peninsula Beach Care


Easily one of the most active and effective groups in the UK the Rame Peninsula Beach Care group have been going since 2013 and have had an incredible impact on south east Cornwall. This area of beautiful beaches and coves receives a huge amount of rubbish due to their aspect: facing into the south west approaches. Click on the picture to find out more.

Widemouth Task Force


Set up by Ado Shorland and friends, this is ultra local to Widemouth and the beaches in close proximity. Having lived in the region for almost a decade I have a strong affinity to this bit of coast, and know how much washes ashore here and in the secluded coves. If you live or visit the Bude area regularly click on the shot and get involved with the group.

Dunna Chuck Bruck


I’ve come across a lot of local groups making a difference in their community, but I doubt any shift as much plastic off their beaches as these guys do up in The Shetland Islands. I’ve yet to visit the British Isles’ most remote archaepelago, but I know from talking to people up there it receives a huge amount rubbish from the Atlantic. The whole community comes together to clean their beaches and they literally remove tonnes of rubbish. Click the shot for more.

Take 3


Aussie group Take 3 have had a hell of an impact on the Australian beach going community, much in the same way The 2 Minute Beach Clean has in the UK. Hit the link if you’re in the lucky country to find out more.

2 thoughts on “Local Campaign Thursday”

  1. Hi Tim !

    Thanks for your newsletter and work you are doing. You mention groups to join that maybe in the readers vicinity. Wouldn’t it be great to see wich cleanups are around you, wherever you are ?

    We have just released http://www.CleanupTogether.com that does exactly that!
    An app and platform that unites all cleanup organisers and volunteers to fight litter together. In a much smarter way. That is, if we get volunteers to install it and organisers to get login to put their cleanups on the map.

    So I really hope you can mention it in your next newsletter or website, would be really great! Please contact me if you want more info!

    Needless to say, we can’t wait to CleanupTogether!


    Gr. Raoul Kuiper

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