The Tuesday Five

Every Tuesday we’re adding a new feature to look at companies who are doing something positive when it comes to marine rubbish. This can be making clothes, cutting plastic out of supply chains, or simply changing the way they make things to be more sustainable. We’re gaining a wide reach and part of this project’s objective is to spread the word about what every company featured is doing. By supporting such companies, even in small ways, then we can start the process of change.

Riz Boardshorts

Four years ago when I started this project, these were the only guys in the UK, and from what I could see at the time, the world, who were looking at using recycled marine plastic and turning them into garments to be warn in the surf. They were an inspiration and their bottle to boardshort project is still ongoing. Check their crowd funding video below (it has ended) it will explain everything. If you want to support innovation, the environment and the direct removal of plastic from the ocean,  then find out more HERE.



Fishing nets to skateboards, it’s that simple, and it is that beautiful, check the film and see what else they are up to HERE

Nets to Decks // Net Positiva // Bureo Skateboards from Bureo Skateboards on Vimeo.


Finisterre has long been one of the most environmentally conscious companies, especially when it comes to the traceability and cost to the planet of their garments. So no surprise they have teamed up with Econyl for their new swimwear range, check it out HERE


Possibly the highest profile of the Econyl using brands, OuterKnown has made it clear that sustainability and functionality go hand in hand, check out more HERE

OUTERKNOWN + ECONYL from Russell Brownley on Vimeo.


I had not heard of O’Neill Blue and only knew a little about Bionic Yarn, until a couple of weeks ago when I started shooting a winter campaign for them. You can find out more HERE



None of these companies are sponsors of The Plastic Project, we’re just trying to spread the word that change is happening.


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