The Last Few Weeks In Rubbish Part One

Behind the scenes this project has been at boiling point, on here not so much. I’ve been working on my day job as well as putting into plans the next big phase. So here is a pretty big catchup.

Shore Shots

I was meant to talk at Shore Shots film festival in Dublin last year but sadly couldn’t make it, this year I got the chance to take the whole Plastic Project roadshow over there and do an exhibition and a talk. The whole event held at The Model in Sligo was nothing short of epic and it was awesome to catch up with a lot of old friends and talk to fellow activists like Ferg, Easkey and the whole Moy Hill garden crew. Also good to just talk waves.

Thanks to everyone who came along, wish I could have stayed longer.

Plastic Project Episodes

In case you have missed them we’re doing some short webisodes and releasing them through Surfdome to get maximum reach out there. The story so far is in the videos below.

The Plastic Project – Part One from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

The Esker Journal and Book

We have the first copy of the first volume of the book back and it is looking mental, everyone who signed up will be getting theirs very soon, it’s volume one, there will be three or four volumes.

The Journal has been a bit of a nightmare, it looks great, reads great, but it fell apart… We tried to use a process of binding using totally natural glues and the combination with really high quality paper simply didn’t work. Pretty bummed as you can imagine, so what we are in the process of doing is having them stitched the old fashioned way with no glue, it will mean they will be a little thinner, but there will be more issues. Really sorry for the delay, but the wait will be worth it.

We will have more journals for sale, but we’re going to wait until we have the first two issues here before we do.


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