Looking for collaborators

As you may well have realised this project has grown a little out of control size wise. Plastic in the ocean has become a far reaching topic, and whilst those of us embedded in the problem may think we are reaching millions, we’re not. I walk in and do slideshows and film showings every week and most people have so little idea of how vast the issue is, even those who are regular ocean users.

So because of this we want to develop this as a platform for anyone: researchers to tell their stories, artists, photographers, film makers or just regular surfers. I’ve spent half my life running magazines and websites, we have the power of reach thanks to a collar with so many companies and specifically the Surfstitch Group. So we can help you show the world what you’re up to, even if it’s just one picture or ten thousand words, it’s up to you. Drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com. We want to show people that surfers can change the planet with this subject.

Incidentally we make no money from this project, most trips we do are funded by doing other work in places, and the sponsorship money we do and have raised all goes on creating and speaking.



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