Salt and Freshwater France

This is a pretty interesting piece from a French scientific journal which has been translated and written up by our resident Frenchman (my Dad). We’re starting to do more and more work on inland waterways, and it helps to make people realise that even if you’re miles form the sea, your action is essential – rubbish find its way into the river systems very easily.

Clean Up On The River Seine

Every second 100 tonnes of rubbish enters the marine environment, a large part of this is plastic. The origin of much of this plastic is rivers. Anyone who lives inland who thinks marine litter is a distant problem, think again.

Rivers like the Seine are full of rubbish due to their urban connections

A clean up along the banks of your local river or small stream will make an important contribution to reducing marine litter many miles downstream. The stats below refer to a cleanup completed in 2013 along a 100 metre stretch of bank alongside the River Seine in France, fifty miles upstream of the Seine Estuary. This same piece of bank had been the subject of a cleanup exactly one year prior to the following collection being made.

139 plastic bottles

1.654 polyethylene capsules and stoppers

2,681 single-use plastic food wrappings

89 plastic beakers and 254 drinking straws

900 baby’s dummies

91 cigarette lighters and 189 biros

193 plastic toys

19 tennis balls

2,980 cotton buds

204 medicine containers

71 syringes

85 tampon applicators

24 condoms

and more than 5,000 small pieces of plastic of unknown origin


At the other end of France and this shot comes from Bodyboarding film maker Chris Levi, they clean the beaches everyday around Hossegor, but it doesn’t stop a lot of rubbish coming ashore in between. (check out Chris’ films HERE)


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