A big week in plastic

We’ve been cleaning beaches, planning filming trips, talking to scientists and getting ready to launch a whole new area of The Plastic Project. Just when everything felt like it was getting way too much as well, some things pop up to drive you on. Firstly all those Sperm Whales in the North Sea, although they stranded almost certainly due to a hunt for squid, caused by conditions in the North Atlantic, their bellies were full of rubbish, from car engine covers to fishing nets.


These strandings, taking place partly in my native Norfolk, have also added extra impetus to me being on Look East next week talking about the Plastic Project. I’ll be coming from the beach with presenter David Whitely next Thursday evening.

Meanwhile more and more momentum is building, this video, voiced by actor Jeff Bridges, is particularly poignant. We’ve all got to make a change. What we’re doing to the planet is just plain stupid.

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