How did we get here? Well here’s a clue

Been a fascinating week, I’ve been office bound sorting logistics out for Iceland, Greenland, Svalbard and everywhere in between. Meanwhile Mike, the director of the film, co-producer and fellow surfer has been out on the trail of scientists and psychologists. We’ll have more from Mike on that this week, but in the meantime he found these along the way. A big part of changing the amount of plastic in the ocean is changing the way we think about it. But as these little exerts show, we’ve been conditioned to what a wonderful and disposable product it is since just after the war, so it’s hardly sup rising we are in the state we are in.

The first The Penguin Book of Plastics, has an almost Orwellian paragraph offering a glimpse into the future of its use, from 1945! Chillingly, pretty much everything described exists, when back then it was just a concept, what an amazing product plastic is, shame whilst we were selling it to the world back then we didn’t figure out what the long term consequences would be (we are not anti plastic in applications where it is essential, just the single or low use and poor disposal).



The second article is classic American cheese from life magazine from the fifties, extolling the virtues of throwaway living and  plastic home wares, saving a housewife hours of work.


You start to realise how hard plastics were sold as a throwaway, totally disposable and endlessly available item and you can understand why there is so much of it, and why people have such an attitude towards it. It’s this attitude which just has to change and is fundamental to the long term survival of the ocean.


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