The Week In Plastic – Momentum Builds

It’s really interesting being involved and connected now with so many people trying to change the world’s attitude towards plastic and cleaning it up. A couple of years ago I thought it was just Surfers Against Sewage and Surfrider who gave a care, now it is brilliant how many people are trying to make a change. Perhaps the most exciting thing is it’s happening on an individual, activist group, in some case governmental and probably most importantly at a corporate level as well (although nowhere near enough).

Lego, as I’ve mentioned before are looking to ditch plastic and are apparently quite advanced at looking at materials like Hemp to see how they can create a plastic replacement. Ikea have announced that they are going to change all their packaging to a mushroom/fungi based biodegradable packaging which will decompose in weeks in the garden, read more about that HERE. But for every company, or enlightened campaigner out there, there are millions of people who are not. This shot below sums up what 97% of the world still thinks is acceptable, Morrison’s are without a doubt one of the worst packaging offenders on the planet.


The other really interesting area is the debate on clearing it all up (stopping it getting into the ocean is most important). What’s really interesting is how The Beach Clean is without doubt the least damaging way, so picking up that bit or doing 2 minutes on the way out of the surf is critical. But more on this as we make the film, which we are well into pre productions already. There will be a blog this week from director Mike Cunliffe so won’t say too much but it’s rather exciting, and we’re going to be running a completely open production, so you can see every step of the way.

For anyone new to this blog, check out how it all began on the minute and a half clip of me below, and lets all make a change, it’s the only way we’ll change this problem.

The Plastic Project – Part One from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

The Esker Journal will be finally on it’s way this week (I know some of you already have it), a couple of last minute issues, but the following nine which come with the £10 subscription will be all on time and every six weeks from here on out. Anyone waiting for prints they will accompany the journal and the book will follow shortly afterwards. Sorry it’s taken a little longer, being a one man operation has slowed things down a little but will all be worth it. It will now be a well oiled machine.

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