The Esker Journal and Plastic Project Book

First off a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this project, without your support we would not be in the position we are now. I know a lot of you have backed the project for a while, and so, it is time to start reaping the rewards. We have a couple more sets of postcards ready to head out, and those of you who signed up for the full collection and haven’t got the prints yet they will be arriving very soon.

Most of you though signed up for The Journal, we’ve been lucky to have a printer who has allowed us to print these for next to nothing, hence why £10 buys you six issues over the next year. They are going to be six very different issues both in content and format, on different paper stock, different sizes and different lengths every issue. The first issue which will be on the way in the next couple of days is an oversized edition, bigger than normal magazines you’d see in WH Smith, and printed on some really cool paper stock, which is both environmentally friendly and great for shots. After this one they will come every six weeks, and if you’ve signed up already, we’re extending the subscription from six to ten issues, can’t even remember when you could buy a surf mag for a quid. If you haven’t got on board and want to, you can still get a subscription of 10 issues HERE, there won’t be many extras though.


Then there is the book. Because the project has grown so much, and I don’t want to keep anyone waiting any longer, there are now going to be 3 or 4 books. If you’ve signed up for them you get them all, and the last one will come with a nice little box to put all the volumes in. We’re just finishing off the first one, so will be shipping out very shortly. Unfortunately there are no more of these, we are only able to do a very limited number of 40 so when you get them, they are just a little bit exclusive. You’ll all get an email when they are about to be shipped.


The postcards are still up for grabs, you’ll get one with shots from everywhere we go for as long as the mission goes on, plus you get the journal as well HERE.

Plastic Project Teaser from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

If you just want to help us, you can and always will be able to back the film HERE. We have a PP Vimeo account going live on Monday and you will have back room access to every film before it goes live, plus some exclusive clips from the final feature long before anyone else sees it.


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