Searching for the ultimate eco board

The Plastic Project expands exponentially it seems on a daily basis, as avid followers will have noticed, we’re looking very closely at the surf industry and specifically wetsuits, and here, surfboards. Not content to reel off a couple of blogs about the toxicity of surfboards, which to be fair the industry is addressing, we decided to get hold of some eco friendly boards and recycle some old boards as well (we are going to do the same with fins as well).

We are well into our first few shapes. These two boards are from British shaper Dale Walker of Ectic Concepts who first shaped us a board made from the ultimate bit of marine litter, a broken longboard he found on a deserted beach in Oregon. The second is taking offcuts to their limit, and sticking them back together and shaping something new. We’re going to get hold of these shapes and give them to people to ride and film the whole deal. So this is the pictorial show so far.


Below the story so far with the reclaimed foam.


Then we are also going to get one of these suckers made, the guys over at Westkust Surf create these open source cardboard blanks which look amazing and when put together using totally eco friendly resins/glass and reclaimed fins, could be the ultimate eco friendly board.


We’ll be revealing more over the next couple of weeks, and there will be some interesting characters riding them in the very near future. As always if you’d like to help the project you can do HERE


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