It’s been a pretty amazing week for plastic marine litter starting to wash up. Over the weekend an army of plastic soldiers invaded Essex and Suffolk beaches. I got an email on Monday from a colleague in northern Norway, where it is permanently dark to say 15 thousand plastic cups of various soups had washed up on a very remote beach courtesy of a cargo vessel shedding its load. Now though they have been eclipsed by thousands of bottles of Vanish arriving on the Cornish coastline.

This haul of toxic nightmare is most likely to have come from a container lost from a vessel in May 2015 south west of Lands End. The recent battering likely to have split it apart and then strewn the bottles along our coast. There is so much wrong with this, the dangerous contents polluting marine life, and making it dangerous to remove. The fact that Vanish use such hideous coloured bottles, the more colour in a plastic the less recyclable it is, and finally how in this modern day and age, a shipping company can lose such a container, and trust me, living by the southern North Sea, these things get lost all the time, contributing more to the threat posed by marine litter.

The one positive, it’s all over the national news helping to raise the

Bottles collected from Poldhu

already high profile that is marine plastic pollution. Trouble is with these single incident reports it doesn’t totally get the message home that everyone can stop this by not using as many of these hideously packaged products.

As always the troops at Surfers Against Sewage are mobilised quickly and beach cleans start from tomorrow. Check their social feed for more information, and help if you can. Meanwhile we’re preparing to set off on the final leg of making the plastic project film to bring this problem home to as many people as we possibly can, if you can help do so HERE.


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