A couple of weeks in plastic Part 2

Christmas sucks for the world, it sure is a good time, seeing family etc. but the amount of totally useless plastic and cheaply produced shit that gets peddled, only to be discarded is frightening. I’ve tried to live as plastic free as possible since starting this project. You know being the pain in the arse going into the coffee shop with a reusable mug, sending straws back in restaurants/bars that kind of thing. But Christmas has been tough, my 21 month old’s favourite toy he got was a plastic push bike, it’s hideous, coloured virtually un-recyclable plastic, and virtually without any value. I am just one household out of millions who almost certainly all got some low grade plastic for Christmas, it’s demoralising. However it makes it all the more important to do this properly.

The Weather


There is a lot of plastic/rubbish coming ashore at the moment, the next five months are the prime times for huge amounts to be deposited especially on the south west of the UK’s beaches. This being an El Nino year as well suggested we are likely to see more than average, typically El Nino in the Atlantic makes for more of the sort of weather in the map above, not that great for surf, but excellent for blowing the rubbish ashore.There is also the rain, a big part of this project has already started to look at the sources, rubbish along motorways, on city streets and from dumps getting washed into rivers and then out to sea, and of course the current weather patterns really exacerbate this.

Interesting Links From The Festive Period

Canadian Coast Guard Hard Hat found by top Irish long boarder Craig Butler in Tramore
Two surfers, one very good idea, at least for cleaning harbours and yacht basins.

Starving Orca


This magnificent creature was found dead with a belly containing plastic, the exact cause of death is unknown, but it could well be due to starvation as a result of the plastic in the top photo in its belly. Either way, having that much plastic inside any creature is simply wrong. Hit the shot for the full story.

But are we just too late to do anything?

Simple answer is no. We have got to a place where our oceans are at a pivotal point with rubbish, but we can change. Future generations can stand up and be counted now and change their lifestyles whilst we modify ours but it’s a hell of an ask. I totally appreciate how many negative comments I get on both Facebook and on The Blog here, a lot of people deny there is an issue, and an alarming amount of people just say it’s too late, and what’s the point in trying. Almost a let’s have fun and leave it for a future generation, which is kind of why we’re in the mess. I have started changing the way I live, but now it’s time to radically reduce the amount of rubbish I produce. Most litter in the sea gets there by accident or by negligence, changing these things from happening is always going to be hard, but stopping the waste in the first place is something we can do. I’ve already looked at this, and the problem in life is time, I can spend 40 minutes a week going to a farm and buying fresh produce and just putting that in a cloth bag and taking it home. Or I can whizz into a supermarket on the way home from work and spend ten minutes grabbing vegetables that are often wrapped in plastic. Modern life sucks, mainly because we just don’t have the time to live properly.

Part three coming later, as always if you want to help grow this project you can HERE



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