The Art Of living On Fresh Air

Family at Christmas, that time when everything you do is open to a conversation over too much alcohol. This year, people asking me how I afford to go to all these remote places and shoot surfing and rubbish. The answer is simple, I don’t mind living in the dirt, as an America friend so eloquently put it.

A pleasant toilet just shy of The Arctic Circle

Simple fact is, if something is worth doing, whether that be searching for surf or trying to help change the world, then it’s worth doing at all costs. So to answer the question: everything is done on an absolute shoe string to get to these places. We don’t sleep in hire cars. toilets, tents and under trucks for no reason. Although I must say I quite enjoy it now, lets face it when you’re locked into a hotel room, you miss way too much.

Nothing like getting under a truck out of the rain

So over the next few months we’ll break down how we do everything, without giving away secret spots and showing maps or any of that craziness, just some good old fashioned adventure advice. So here’s to sleeping in cars, flying to places without enough cash to get back, and making this project happen.

You can help out and support the project HERE

You’d miss this in a fancy hotel


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