A few weeks in plastic Part 1

Welcome back to the plastic project after what seems a couple of weeks of Christmas chaos.

House Keeping

First off some house keeping, everybody who has helped, if you didn’t get prints/journals/calendars/postcards just before Christmas they will be with you in the next week/ten days, I got a bit overwhelmed by the volume of support, and it is just me here doing everything. But rest assured everyone who has pledged and helped will be receiving their goodies soon. The first volume of the book will be with you shortly as well, it is with the printer but as we rely on gaps in their schedule to keep the costs as low as possible, we have been moved about a bit.


The Exciting Bit

2016 is here, the next six/seven months are the sharp end of The Plastic Project, it’s everything I wanted to achieve and thanks to your help and some key sponsors, we’re going to be able to do it. Ireland – Hebrides – Shetland – Faroes – Iceland – Greenland – Newfoundland – Svalbard – That is the itinerary and it is absolutely epic. We are going to create a visual map from Hossegor to The Arctic ice cap showing the extent of marine litter, like has never been done before. I believed at the beginning that using photography and adventure was a good way to reach people in a way stats and campaigns cannot and from the response at schools right up to scientific institutions I have been proved correct, so now we have to create the ultimate piece to try and help affect change in the world.


As well as shooting, making a film and creating some inspiring content for people who have helped, and for the online community, we’re also looking for places to come and talk and show both a short film and a long version. We’re going to do a couple as we go, but most of these we are looking to set up from around June onwards, that way we will have completed the majority of the expeditions. So if you have a school, club, university, anything that you’d like me to come along and talk surf, adventure and the environment then drop me a line- timnunnphoto@gmail.com.

Some people have asked if they can still help, you can sign up to help the Film HERE and we can do unlimited postcards HERE, however the full collection, book and Journal are very much limited edition so there really are no more of those to be had, sorry.

Calling Other Photographers (and that means you with your phone)

watergatebeachclean (1 of 1)-2

I obviously can’t go everywhere, and whilst I’m trying to meet as many grass roots activists as possible to get the real picture on the ground, I want anyone with a camera to send me shots of their stretch of coast. I want to make this map of northern Europe as complete as physically possible. So we’re looking for anyone to shoot some of the coast and send us the shots so we can build up as big a picture as is physically possible. Just drop me a line here – timnunnphoto@gmail.com if you’re keen.

The Vimeo Channel

Originally we were not going to make a film, but it’s become obvious that we can reach a different audience and make a more complex project for this. From Monday 4th January we will have a dedicated Vimeo channel which will host all of the films as we go. There will also be a private area which will have previews, short exclusive films and the real film on it so anyone who has signed up to help the project or who signs up HERE to help the film can get exclusive access.


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