We’re back, with a Guest Post from Sarah Clarke

The Plastic Project is back in full swing tomorrow after a period of raising funds, packaging rewards (if you didn’t get yours just before Christmas, you’ll have them just after) and planning the next six months of adventure and making the film.

Before we come steaming back with everything in the morning this is a sobering group of images from over Christmas from Sarah at Checkered Photography. I love this stretch of coast, Watergate was a favourite of mine when I lived in the southwest,  but the sheer amount of plastic that has come ashore in the recent storms is as usual ridiculous. Two different and sobering images, the fish crate originated from a company 20 miles away from me on the east coast, but the small bits of plastic are probably the most shocking.

litter (1 of 1)-412431560_10156377778630191_1342244179_n12463667_10156377776010191_1987769536_n


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