The Plastic Project and The Esker Journal

One of the big things about doing the plastic project was to use my experience in all forms of media to communicate the problem as far and wide as possible and in as many formats. When you break it down it’s about reaching as many people as is possible so that they can all start to make a difference. Online is great but so transient, film is awesome, talking face to face is without doubt the most effective and then there is print. So we’re doing a couple of books, the first of which is at the printers right now, and we’re also doing The Esker Journal.


The Journal is six issues of pure adventure, people, the environment and the joy of surfing. It’s core and real and hopefully inspirational, there are no ads, we can do this because our printer is printing it for free. He’s doing this on what would be waste or paper that was over ordered for other jobs. It means the journal is going to change shape and size continually which will make it interesting. The first issue is an over-sized photo and word laden feast. As I type, it has just been printed and is currently sat ready to be bound. I didn’t know exactly how many we were going to be able to sell originally so we capped it at 150, then 180, and we are actually going to have 300 copies, of which we have 98 left. If you’d like to help, and every penny goes to the plastic project you can get one HERE (you get all six issues over the next year for ten pounds)


So what is in the first one?

There will always be a little enviro piece around the plastic project.

There is adventure through Norway, Scotland and Iceland.

A pretty sick gallery of some never before seen shots.

An epic look inside the house that trash built, famed cabin of the boys in North of the sun.

Plus a behind the scenes look at how we go to these wild places, camping, living in hire cars to get waves and to get to the remotest coastlines in Europe. It’s a warts and all look into what the surfers, filters and myself do to make these happen on zero budget.

If it sounds good, you can sign up HERE. Every single penny goes into the project, we take zero money ourselves my day job covers everything else that sponsorship or crowd funding doesn’t. It helps us get to these places and then to go out and talk and spread the word. Thankyou for your help.


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