The Week In Plastic

Been an interesting week, we’re getting closer to putting out our first photo essay on the route to the sea. It’s one thing talking and telling people about the rubbish already in the ocean, it’s another showing them how we can all directly stop it. Most people we talk to don’t make the connection to dropping a piece of litter on a city street to the ocean, but the connection is there. More to come on that between now and Christmas as well as out supermarket fish gutting, so far about 1/6 of the random fish we have purchased un-filleted have plastic in them. More on that to come.

Plastic Bags

Probably the most significant piece of news this week was from Tesco. They have just reported that since the fee for bags has come in there has been an 80 percent reduction in usage which is good going. Read more by clicking the shot


Plastic In The Ocean

I like a good info graphic, and although this is Pacific focussed it is worth a look.


Interesting Fact

As you may have heard San Francisco is starting its four year plan to phase out plastic water bottles, one amazing fact that has come out of it is that there is enough plastic discarded every day to stretch around the world four times, think about that for a moment.

The Plastic Project film


We’re stepping everything up on the project which includes a major documentary project, to produce a short sub five minute film and a longer full length documentary looking at the surf, adventure, the problem first hand and confronting companies, government and individuals about the issue of marine litter. We have multi award winning doco maker Mike Cunliffe directing, he’s directed and produced similar films for BBC, Nat Geo, ITV and Channel Four, and combining his film making and our surf and adventure background is hopefully going to make for an inspiring film. We’ll be dropping a trailer in the next few days, we’re also going to do a little crowdfunding. The original funding made an incredible £1800 to help the project which is amazing, we’re going to try now and get a further £2500 to pay for the expenses of a cameraman to join me on the rest of the expeditions. One note, all sponsorship is for expenses only, we take no money from this project. If you’d like to help, and if you gave already you have done enough already, we’re looking for 500 people to back us with £5 HERE, and Thank you!

Plastic Project Teaser from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.



The Esker Journal

We just got back the first look at The Esker Journal, the main batch will be about later this week and on the way to everyone. You can still get one HERE we’ll drop some spreads later.


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