The Plastic Project Film

We are making a film around The Plastic Project as any die hard followers will know, in fact we’re making two.

One sub five minute production which we’ll enter into the short film category at film festivals and release it online.

The second will be a longer length documentary exploring the remotest coastlines of Europe for surf, adventure and looking at all aspects of how and why plastic is getting into the ocean and dominating marine litter. We will be  joining experts in the fields of recycling, product design and finding out more about the environmental impact of all of this plastic entering the marine ecosystem.


We’re also going to take the films on the road, to schools, colleges and film festivals, in fact anywhere that will have us. We want to spread awareness to everyone and use the carrot of surf and adventure to really reach as many people as possible. It still amazes me that wherever I go and talk and show pictures, people really don’t realise how bad the marine litter situation is.

If this sounds exciting and you want to pitch in a fiver, you click here

What do you get in return?
Well first off if you have already backed the plastic project at any level at all, you have already backed this film and you don’t need to anything else, you’ll also get all of these extra perks.
– Access to short films from every trip exclusively. We already have some of these about to go live next week. These are not just about marine litter either, these are short surf clips.
– From every trip we make a short film, these will go live on the internet but you’ll have access to them first.
– You will all get an invite to the premier of the film, free food, beer and a good evening. We’ll do a couple of these so it won’t be just in Cornwall for example.
– If you can’t make it you’ll get a free digital download to both the long and the short versions, you’ll get this if you can make it as well by the way, but it means you’ll get to see the movie before anyone else.
– You’ll also all be in the credits.

We have Mike Cunliffe on board directing the film, he is a multi award winning director/producer who has made films for National Geographic, Channel Four, ITV and The BBC, which makes for a great crossover from the world of real docos and surfing.

Director Mike Cunliffe brings an amazing amount of experience to the production front he world of broadcast documentary making

Sounds good? And you want to do something positive for change?  Your help is massively appreciated, and you can become part of the team donating a fiver HERE

Plastic Project Teaser from Tim Nunn Photography on Vimeo.

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