This Week In Plastic

It is amazing doing this project to see what else people are doing around the planet. One thing I wanted to do was inspire people to make a change, because it has to happen on every level and in every generation. The only way to resolve the huge amounts of rubbish in the ocean is to actually stop it going in. It’s also great to get images and new connections from people all over the planet. Just as I am writing, photographer and supporter of the plastic project, Andy Grainger, dropped me an email. It contained the contents of a newsletter about the amount of litter going into the ocean in Indonesia, which is quite ridiculous, and I’ll come back to that in the future. But it also had a link to a community based group dedicated to cleaning the coastline of South East Asia and educating future generations. I’ve sat through several negative meetings where I’ve been lectured by companies saying what is the point in us changing the amount of plastic we use and dispose of when the whole of Asia doesn’t care. Well it turns out that humans across the world care, and whilst there is a  long way to go in Asia the ball has started rolling, as it often does at a very grass roots level. Click the link to check them out, and remember next time you’ve been getting shacked off your nut in Indo pick some rubbish up on the way in.



At the absolute opposite end of the spectrum is Surfdome. A giant board sport and outdoor retailer which, as you can imagine, generates huge amounts of waste in especially packaging, well that should read did. Not only do they support and help grow the 2 Minute Beach Clean they have also made big changes internally, they are well on the way to eradicating plastic in packaging, changing to gum tape instead of plastic and changing their boxes to 100 percent bio degradable and free of nasty toxins. It’s a small step on a giant scale, and is corporate responsibility at its best. Hit the picture to read the full story-



Massive thanks to everyone who has helped with the crowd funding side of funding this project, that is now over, and you’ve all helped raise just over 2000 pounds towards making this project happen. Prints, calendars, journals and books are all in the post or about to head out. If you’d still like to help we are looking for sponsors still so just drop me a line, or join me for a photo workshop, all proceeds go towards the plastic project.




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