12 Watershots from the Plastic Project Missions

Being in the water is everything, it grounds, connects and exhilarates, it’s why I love my job. But it sucks when you’re floating with plastic, these images look amazing but what else is in the water is less so. As always if you can help, check out what’s up for grabs here, The Esker Journal is going to be particularly awesome.

Ian Battrick in France
Micah Lester on a glorious Scottish morning
Not sure who this is, just fortunate moment caught inside at Thurso
The light and surf rarely comes together in Iceland but when it does, Ian Battrick lapping it up
A couple of frames later
Perfect Scottish light with Micah Lester
Lush Light, and Icelander Heidar laying down a sweet turn
This was the first real plastic project trip, Micah Lester pulling into a steaming keg in France
I wouldn’t normally put a shot like this in, but it was snowing, the wind chill was in the minus teens and was the most uncomfortable swim of all time
One of my favourites from the end of last winter
It’s not all about pro surfers either, it’s about who you meet along the way, this is Ross Hargreaves from The North East in Scotland
It’s not all about heaving surf either, an unknown surfer on a super fun day at Thurso

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