This Week In Rubbish

Going through all of my archives at the moment, and so many shots have rubbish in them. This otherwise epic slab in Iceland ruined by a plastic bucket.

A big week in plastic and general marine litter this week. I was not there but Martin Dorey and the crew behind the 2 Minute Beach Clean held their AGM and for the first time were able to present some quantifiable evidence to show what a difference their campaign and signage have made on one stretch of beach in Bude. If you hit the picture below you can see the full details, but it goes to show that we all have a role to play in changing our environment for the better, and even the smallest ideas and actions can start to make a difference.


On the subject of beach cleans this weekend is the annual Surfers Against Sewage Autumn Beach cleans. Click the image to check out your nearest beach.


Here we are sorting the logistics for the next six months to complete the original plan of the Plastic Project. We are heading from Ireland up through the small Atlantic Island archipelagos to end up on the edge of the Arctic icecap, Surf, Adventure, environmental expedition to inspire the world hopefully. It’s pretty exciting, and having done a lot of talks now to everyone from schools to universities to associations we are stoked to see the response we are getting and hopefully we are inspiring some people to make a change themselves.

LC9A1229 (1)

A big part of the project is also to meet and talk to everyone who is making a change. This week it’s been all about companies, and it’s really exciting to see both large and small companies actively making decisions on the use of especially plastic, often to the detriment of profit, to start to make a positive change on our environment. I’ll be doing some features on here about them, and they will be in a big way part of the documentary we are making. It’s easy to blame big business for the problem, and they are a big part of the solution, but it’s really interesting the lengths that some companies are going to make a change, and once one starts, like on an individual scale, others follow.


We have just sent the first Esker Journal to press as well, whilst not exclusively about the Plastic Project, it plays a large role in the first four issues so we have created it to help the project. We only print the number of copies ordered, but as that number gets rounded up to the nearest 10, and there will be a little erin on there are a couple left HERE. They should be dropping through letter boxes at the end of the month and the book and prints also, plus some new postcards.


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