The Plastic Project Next Phase


When I started, this was going to be a serious side project to become part of a greater solution to raise awareness and hopefully start making a change using the power of surf, adventure and the world around us. To say it has snowballed is an understatement. I had an idea how I could inspire people and raise more awareness with images beyond our own islands, but I didn’t realise it would be so effective. I’m now in a position where I have been invited to do slideshows and talks in schools across the country and next year I’m off to Japan, New York and hopefully Malaysia to do the same. The power of images and adventure to inspire is something that should never be underestimated.

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Talking at Huck Magazine’s 71q gallery in Shoreditch

I also never imagined that I would be granted a visa to get into Northern Russia, or be able to plan to go to Greenland and Svalbard to really take this project to the very limits of where surfing has ever been, and areas which should be almost beyond the grip of human influence, although I suspect they will not be.


The project has been 50 percent self funded, 30 percent funded by sponsors and 20 percent funded by you guys. Because the project has the chance to go to Russia, Greenland and Svalbard and to go and talk and present the slideshows at so many new places we are going to raise the funding so we can make all this happen. The split is still going to be same 50/30/20 and so we have opened up some of the crowd funding options below. There are not many left, we are hoping to raise about another 1000 pounds through the funding below. Check them out, if you fancy helping click on the link to our shop.

To everyone who has already backed it, most have got the first set of rewards, there are still some prints to go out for full collections and some postcards. Everyone also gets the Esker Journal now, in total there will be four issues in all packages and there will now be two plastic project books, one at Christmas and one early next spring.

If you can’t help no worries, please follow the project here, the next six months are going to be pretty massive as you’ll see. If you have a company that would be interested in getting involved please drop me a line –

The Esker Journal/Digital Postcard

This is a 1-4 part digital postcard/trip tale from every part of the plastic project. You get to see the shots, read the tales and hear about events before anyone else. You can also pick a shot from the postcards as digital downloads that you can use yourself for screen savers and the like. It costs just £10 and you can sign up here. These are unlimited, and if you sign up now, you get all the ones which have already happened.


You now also get a copy of The Esker Journal with this as well, the first four volumes of The Journal will be based around adventures from the Plastic Project. This will be the only way to get them. The journals will vary from small magazines to Surfer’s Journal style quality, so pretty epic little item to have. Get the Journal HERE


The Calendar 

There are only two of these left out of 24, very limited edition, all signed and they come with a free print, click HERE to get one.


The Book

We’ve been able to add twenty extra copies of this thanks to our printer. There will still be under 150 copies though, it will now be in two volumes with the second coming with a box to put them both in. It will be hard bound coffee table style, and have both epic surf shots, tales of adventure and environmental shots and stories in there. The first volume will be out in December. With the book you get the postcard and the journal as well, sign up HERE


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The Postcard

With the postcard you get a limited edition oversized postcard print, they are easily good enough to frame, and come with a handwritten message. Plus you get the Esker Journal as well. Grab one HERE


The Photo Workshops

Any keen photographers out there who would like to join me on a photo workshop then I have slots available all year with all proceeds going to the Plastic Project. Best thing to do is to email me –, and we can see which one will fit you best from Cornwall in the Winter to Hossegor at The quik Pro.


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