I got asked in an interview for the BBC world wide site about The Plastic Project as to why I was doing this? It’s a harder question than you’d think as a year and a half has passed and things have got more complicated, making films and dealing with the myriad of side issues that a project like this obviously throws up. But after a moment’s pause this is what it all boils down to.



I’ve been really privileged that my job has taken me to some of the wildest places in the Northern Hemisphere. When I started, twenty odd years ago, these places had some rubbish, but really not much; fishing debris here and there at most.
But in twenty years some beaches have become rubbish dumps, we’re talking incredibly remote beaches, beaches that no one else will see. My reaction has been to set out to show people how beautiful our planet is, how we can all go on adventures and get to know this place we call home. I go to places and find rubbish, plastic that has travelled miles to be there, dead seabirds wrapped in beer can holders, whole dune systems anchored by fishing nets, the vast amount of waste from the oil industry, the list goes on.
The reason why I’m doing this now is to help to inspire people to make a daily change in their lifestyle. We can all do this, for it’s this unseen effect of rubbish in the sea which I want to point out to people of all ages across the world in order to help affect something of a shift before we choke our planet.

This cane from one tractor track, about 100 yards long, so a cleaned area of beach, the number of q-tips is horrifying, don't flush em folks
This came from one tractor track, about 100 yards long, so a cleaned area of beach, the number of q-tips is horrifying, don’t flush em folks

Selfishly, I want my son to be able to go on an adventure to Iceland or Norway in twenty years time like I did when I was younger and find it untouched by human rubbish, because right now it would be a struggle.


If you would like to help and back this project you can HERE.

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