What now? To the pole…

X marks the final destination

We just left France and are heading north, way north. Island hopping from here at home in the UK, through Ireland, Newfoundland, Greenland, North West Iceland, Shetland, Faroe Islands, Russia and finally Svalbard, as close to the pole as we can get. Why, because it’s working, I’ve talked and presented these expeditions in schools up to geographic societies. I’ve been invited to talk in Japan, Australia and South East Asia, and I’m going to spread this to as many folk as possible, because it’s down to every individual to make a change. From school assemblies to Ted talks, this is how I can help make a change and inspire people through a love of surf, adventure, photography and our connection the the environment.


The combination of adventure, surfing and the environment is proving to be such a great way to engage, especially the young that we’re upping the ante and going as far north as possible, to see just how close we can surf to the pole, but also to see just how far our rubbish is getting. It’s already been an amazing journey, and everyone from sponsors to individuals who have backed it have all played a part in spreading the word. Now it gets exciting. If you don’t already, please follow the blog here and if you like you can back the project with a book, journal or calendar right HERE – Thankyou and lets go!

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