The Plastic Project Book and The Esker Journal – The Story So Far

A couple of months ago an associate who I greatly respect told me to stop doing the Plastic Project, it was a futile waste of time and something this big of a problem could only be changed by government and corporations.

It’s that kind of attitude that means things don’t happen, since then I have spoken in schools, universities, surf shops, surf festivals and have The Royal Geo Society coming up. Companies from Canon to Dryrobe have stepped up to help take it further, and of course 104 of you guys have helped by backing the project. Because of that we are now a wheel in a movement of change, there are many other thankfully bigger and smaller groups and individuals than us, which is great as the message to change needs to reach every human, from CEOs to individuals.


We’ve done some epic expeditions already, and the time has come to start giving back to all of our supporters. Those companies that have backed us have a load of content coming their way, but it’s you guys who are the most important. Most of you who have backed it have postcards already, half of you who went for the prints have the prints. You’ll all have everything by the end of next week if you haven’t got it already.


We’ve also added the Esker Journal into the mix as well. Esker is my publishing company and we’re doing a roughly quarterly journal of what we have been up to, it’s not commercial, no ads, a constantly changing format from news print to books and everything in between. The first issue is nearing completion, and takes you on a journey through Scotland, Norway and France, a bunch of interviews in there with folk we met along the way and some sick shots and tales.

4-5 6-7 10-11

Because it is very Plastic Project related, the Journal is, for the next four issues, going to help funding the project as well. If you want to get hold of the next four copies, they are 2.50 each, but come as a four HERE, every penny goes to the plastic project as the printer is doing them for free.


The book has become an incredible production, Looking at the early proofs now and it’s shaping up to be pretty amazing. Because we have grown the project there will actually now be two books, I didn’t want to hold on forever especially as some people backed the project 8-10 months ago. So we are doing two volumes, both coffee table style, and the second will come with a cool box to put them both together in. So the first will contain Iceland, Norway, France and Mainland Scotland and will be out around Christmas time. Then the second in the late spring. We are lucky that our printer has added some new ones for us and you can sign up right HERE, although there are not many left.

spread2 spread4 spread3 spread1

What next? Well we’re dong all of the original expeditions and we’re taking this polar, we’re going to try and surf and survey the situation as close to the pole as possible, further north than anyone ever has so stay tuned, and thank you for helping!

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