Lay Day Rubbish – The Reality of French Beachies


I love this stretch of beach. It’s given me epic session surfing and shooting, days of waiting for good surf, but with the reward when it eventually comes. It is also the end of the road for anything floating in the Bay of Biscay. I remember a long while back a shot Roger Sharp took of a sandbar just down the road from here, the beach was absolutely covered in litter after winter storms. That shot has stuck with me, and this winter it is going to be one of the beaches we are focussing on, time lapsing and shooting, because whilst it appears incredible in the water the beach is a very different story.

Rubbish on the outside of where the tractor has been cleaning
Look closely though and it isn’t that clean where it has been cleaned


This cane from one tractor track, about 100 yards long, so a cleaned area of beach, the number of q-tips is horrifying, don't flush em folks
This came from one tractor track, about 100 yards long, so a cleaned area of beach, the number of q-tips is horrifying, don’t flush em folks
So this is one frame of an area on the tide line, the below shots is everything in that frame, what you can see, and what you can’t, from palm oil to plastic.

p3 p5 p6

I did two 2 minute beach cleans, this one along the tide line.
This one along the storm line amongst the trees and wood
Not sure if this is a very small condom or balloon, was the only time I was glad to have one of those q-tips to use it to pick it up
Ian Battrick, and the reason I love this stretch, these days are pretty small, but so much fun to shoot
We nailed a two minute beach clean waiting for the tide

b4 b3 b2

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