On The Road

Slightly off plastic message, but only slightly, I had the opportunity to shoot a project with Micah Lester called ‘Cold Reality’. It has allowed me to hit the road with some shots, do a slideshow and get a short piece about the Plastic Project in there to more people. Thanks to O’Neill who have provided the platform, and these mobile exhibition stands made from recycled pallets, we are helping to spread the message further.

If you’re on the South Coast of England we have two dates coming up on October 17th at Shore, Witterings and October 18th, Sorted Surf Shop, Bournemouth. They kick off at 6.30/7.00 with beer and snacks so come along for some cold water adventure and a sprinkling of marine litter.

Over the winter we will be hitting the road with an independent Plastic Project adventure tour as well with exhibition and film, keep your eye open for that and click HERE if you fancy helping.

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