Chasing Rubbish

That was the idea anyway. I got it from a film chasing ice, if you haven’t seen it take a moment to find it and watch, here’s the trailer.

Photographer James Balog and his team used DSLRs to timelapse the retreat of glaciers over several years. Then used the imagery to irrefutably illustrate the fact that these glaciers were retreating at an incredible pace. It’s that use of imagery that was one of the inspirations for the Plastic Project, and taking from his project we’re looking to do something similar but recording plastic.

The original idea was to leave six cameras firing all winter, to gather time lapses of what is arriving on our beaches. Whilst possible, the barriers to this on our budget were insurmountable, so rather than set ourselves up for a potentially costly failure, we are setting up three cameras for shorter periods of time, specifically during large storm events, to capture rubbish arriving and to visually measure the quantities that wash up at certain beaches over the winter. We’re going to do this in Iceland, Norway, The Faroes, Scotland, Ireland and England and then use the results in some short films.

As always this is only possible due to help from you guys and our sponsors, we have a few of the rewards left, but once these have finished this Sunday that will be the end, but you can sign up HERE.

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