This Week In Plastic


It’s been a full on couple of weeks here with some talks, impromptu beach cleans and sorting out filming, trips and not to mention signing prints and postcards for everyone who has backed the project.

There is a real momentum building behind the issue of marine litter, I am but a tiny part of it as organisations like SAS lead the way. But what is really important is that we all as individuals spread the word, it doesn’t matter how many talks I do, post shots, how many beach cleans various campaign groups organise, it’s all going to come down to everybody on the planet changing their attitude to waste. With that in mind next time you chat with friends who are not beach/ocean goers tell them about the problem, word of mouth is by far the strongest method for change.


Here we have been cutting open fish from fish shops and supermarkets. It’s something we are going to continue doing right through the winter, it’s not targeted, not scientific, it’s looking at fish that we would buy for food anyway and see what is in their stomachs when we gut them. At the end of the month we’ll post up the first full month’s results and some shots, but basically out of the five of us who are doing it, we have all found plastic, I think at the moment it’s one in five fish we have gutted have had plastic in them, but we’ll go into that in full in a couple of weeks.

Norfolk and Suffolk

Before we embark on our next expeditions, I’ve been busy at home. My home stretch of coast is the Suffolk and Norfolk coastline, it’s very different than the west coasts I tend to visit. Most notably is that prevailing winds blow offshore, it means a markedly lower amount of rubbish on the beach, sadly though it doesn’t mean it’s not there, you get a swell or an onshore for a couple of days and it all turns up. Then it generally gets stuck behind revetments, which at least stops it from getting back in the sea, and does make it easier to clean up. We also get hundreds of balloons washed up, I’ve barely seen them on west facing beaches, although they are there, but we get so many, we’ve traced a couple back to Ireland, so you see how much impact actions can have even from miles away.


The Next Phase

The amount of planning that has gone into this winter is phenomenal, the plastic project has partially taken over my life with talks and the actual expeditions, so fitting it all around work has been tricky, but we’re off to the remotest corners of the North Atlantic to find out exactly how far reaching this is. We have a brief stop in the Bay of Biscay in France and Spain, then Ireland, Scotland’s outer islands, The Faroes, Iceland, Greenland, Russia and the high Norwegian Arctic, we’re getting as close to the Pole as possible without requiring Sir Ranulph Fiennes. You’ll be able to keep posted here, or if you want to sign up for one of the postcards/books/prints you can below. Likewise please contact me if you’d like me to come and speak at a school or event, I’m eager to inspire as many people to get out there and explore, and help protect our environment.

The Crowd Funding Rewards.

If you have signed up for the Postcard/Book/Print, if you haven’t got them already this week they will be dropping through your letter box. We’ve taken our time getting the quality and delivery dead right, as even with the postcards we want you guys to have something that’s worth framing, and we’re pretty stoked with them.

We have now briefly extended the crowd funding. The reason is one of our major backers, a small accountancy firm who have close ties with environmental groups have unfortunately for us been bought out by a larger company. Said company are heavily tied in with the oil/plastics industry, so it would be an uncomfortable alliance. It’s a big shame as they are a good group of people, so to make up for the shortfall of £2000 we are offering up a limited amount of rewards again. All are back dated so to speak so you will get postcards and prints from the last eight months as well as receiving everything monthly from here on out. Check them out below, and click the links if you can help.

The Digital Postcard


This is a 1-4 part digital postcard/trip tale from every part of the Plastic Project. You get to see the shots, read the tales and hear about events before anyone else. You can also pick a shot from the postcards as digital downloads that you can use yourself for screen savers and the like. It costs just £10 and you can sign up here. These are unlimited, and if you sign up now, you get all the ones which have already happened.

The Real Postcard


We’ve worked really hard on these to make them into more than just a postcard, they are high quality mini prints, which would sit nicely in a frame or stuck on your fridge. From now onwards they will come monthly, and if you sign up now you will get the four that have already been sent out straight away. As well as this you get the digital postcard and two special editions of the printed Esker Journal, a small zine dedicated to the project. They cost £25, you’ll get at least 12, and you can sign up here. We’ve added just 25 of these.

The Book


At the end of the project we are going to produce a beautiful limited edition coffee table photo book. It’s limited to 150 copies and will contain the stories and shots from every expedition. You will also get the real postcard and the digital postcard, plus a hard copy of the documentary and an invite to one of the premiers. We have just five of these left so don’t hang around grab one at £40 here.

The Full Collection


This is the most insane part we can offer, you get all of the above, plus you get a signed limited edition print from every trip. This is basically an awesome offer thanks to our printers to get £1500 worth of prints for £100. We’ve spent some time getting these really good as well, the first of them are only just going out, so if you sign up now you will immediately get choices from Iceland, Scotland, France and Norway. If you’re keen there are only five and you can get them here.


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