The Competition Is To Save The Ocean

I was talking to a close friend over the weekend, he said you must be gutted that Prince Charles is talking about plastic in the ocean, kind of steels your thunder doesn’t it? Got me thinking of what an odd attitude we have to everything like this, the fact that someone as high profile as The Prince is talking is amazing, and I’m sure largely down to the boys at Surfers Against Sewage talking to him a few weeks back. The fact is everyone on the whole planet needs to be talking about the problem, and every person who is taking the time to do something about it from SAS, Martin at 2 Minute beach clean, local beach clean groups to the biggest Environmental groups on the planet are all trying to raise awareness, so it isn’t a contest except to change the attitudes of every human on the planet to change the way we dispose of and use all sorts of packaging and types of plastic especially.


Click the shot to read BBC feature on Seabirds and plastic
There is without a doubt a growing wave of action against rubbish enetering the ocean, but it’s still incredible the huge numbers who know nothing of the problem so it’s essential to keep spreading the message. This weekend, we started cutting open fish from supermarkets and fishmongers and direct from fisherman, all across the country. It’s not scientific, it’s just pure photo journalism to see what’s in them. We’re going to keep doing it all week, just to see what is inside the actual fish we are buying, I’ll post images and results later in the week, but safe to say we have already found plastic.

This week will also see the first of our timelapse cameras go into testing, we’re hopefully going to leave as many as six of these bolted to cliffs in various locations across the North Atlantic to moniter a whole winters worth of rubbish turning up on beaches. This is obviously only posiible with your guys help, so we’ve released a few more ways to back the project here –


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