The Week In Plastic

This has been the first full week back on the project after some weeks doing some regular work to help fund it. Firstly we had an awesome turnout on Tuesday evenign for a slideshow and talk at Jimmy’s Iced Coffee in Christchurch. The crew at Jimmy’s have helped back the project, and more importantly given us an incredible space to do some evenings over the next year. 


Alot of people asked how they can help make the project and grow it, as you know we did an impromptu crowdfunder, and we have rekindled part of it so that people can get involved. The Digital Postcard remains constant, but after getting the format dead right, we are bringing back 100 more of the Real Postcards, hit the link to grab one. If you’ve already signed up, and haven’t received a print or postcard yet, you will in the next week, some of you already have them on your walls, but we have been tweaking the process to make sure as things get hectic over the winter the quality is exceptional.

So what’s up next? Well I’m cutting open fish, random ones from fishmongers to see if they have plastic in them, so going to be a fun bank holiday weekend. We’re alos makign timelapse cameras for the winter, which is turnign out to be a hell of a mission, but whould work out very well. Plus we’re gearing up for the next two expeditions. Please share this around, help build awareness, and of course get behind every othe rorganisation, SAS, 2 Minute Beach Clean and any local groups, it’s going to take a huge change to make all of this work. 


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