Back Into Plastic


So we’ve had a low month, I had to do some other work to help fund the next big stage of The Plastic Project, but from here on in this is what we’re up to.

We’ve just finished a really interesting look at where all our rubbish is coming from, it’s not statistical, it’s visual, but between myself and four other photographers we have shot, motorways, streets, drainage ditches and rivers. I won’t bore you just yet with the shots, we all know what a motorway central reservation covered in Maccas and KFC cartons looks like. We’ve done it to be part of the slideshows we’re doing specifically for schools. One of the most obvious things I have come across is that a lot of people don’t understand that you don’t have to live by the coast, to be polluting the sea. By dropping even a sweet wrapper on a pavement in Birmingham, chances are you are adding to marine pollution. It’s changing our habits everywhere which will eventually stop waste entering the sea.


Whilst talking about the slideshows stoked to announce we have some for you to put in the calendar. Firstly we have got the legendary Jimmy’s Ice’d Coffee on board, not just as a sponsor but also to provide us with a venue on the south coast to host some slideshows. They are based in Christchurch just outside Bournemouth and we’ll be doing a couple of evening there, one is in two weeks on the 25th of August (more details to come), the second will be in Spring 2016, to premier the film and to deliver a full winter of adventure.

We’re following this up in the first week of September in London, then in October at the London Surf Film Festival and the in November at The Royal Geographic Explore weekend. There will be more in between and after so stay tuned or sign up for the digital postcard here.

For everyone who has signed up and supported the Plastic Project, if your first batches of goodies haven’t arrived already they will be with you this week. Thanks to everyone who has helped so far, this is where everything steps up a notch.

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