The Last Week In Plastic

Been a full on week in both research and planning for the next steps with the plastic project. It’s fascinating delving into what is going on globally to deal with the issue of marine pollution. There are so many committed individuals and organisations really pushing to make a change, I didn’t realise how many until I started this project. In the world of social media every day stuff is popping up, from booms cleaning the ocean to companies like Adidas making trainers from recycled ocean plastic. Of course these are just part of the story and cynics will say that big corporations could do more by changing their own manufacturing processes rather than using ocean recovered plastic, but the truth is it is all a start.


It’s great that many parts of the surf industry have been doing this for sometime anyway, Riz Boardshorts are an incredible example, hit the name to see more what they do and have been doing for sometime. Likewise, Indosole, Patagonia, Finisterre and now Kelly Slater’s Outer Known are all doing something. Every little bit is helping to raise awareness and change people habits, but it is that, the changing of how we all live that is the crux of the matter. We all need to stop using non essential plastic where there are alternatives, and when we can’t make sure that we recycle religiously, it’s where we have total control. It’s a problem that as I get more involved with I start to realise that we have much more of a role to play than in most. Yes there is the element of corporate responsibility, which needs to be pressured from us the consumer, government and the hard hitting and consistent approach of pressure groups like SAS, but ultimately we can all make the change ourselves which will help.

Here we’ve continued to shoot rivers and roads, sounds ridiculous I know, but you’d be shocked how much plastic finds it way to the ocean via drains leading to our rivers. It’s a whole other issue but a vital bit of the puzzle that needs to be understood. We also were passed an incredible piece of research that stated that for every ton of rubbished picked up on the beach around the UK, 2 tonnes enter our waters in the UK alone from microbeads in cosmetics, I’m trying to confirm that right now, if true, holy shit as Martin Potter would say.

Talk wise, we’re starting doing them in the autumn after we’ve done a few more trips, we have one confirmed at The London Surf Film Festival and we’re very pleased to be at the Royal Geographic Society’s explore weekend, sitting on panels and helping people communicate their own discoveries.


If you still want to help, you can, click HERE, and I am also doing some photo workshops over the winter, they are location based and all proceeds go to this project, what’s more you’ll get to shoot amazing surf and the environment around, click HERE for more, or drop me an email.



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