The Film

When this project started I imagined I’d be able to put together a few clips like the one from Oldshoremore on a go pro or DSLR, but as the project has grown so has the need to do something a lot bigger. The plan is now to film the whole project through the summer and winter, whilst I shoot at the same time and then take it on the road, along with slideshow to film festivals, schools and anyone else who will have us. Whilst the surfing and adventure side is still crucial for helping us engage with the population at large, we’re expanding the scope, Mike Cunliffe, film maker, producer and director is helping bring in other aspects of the problem so we can make something which will change the world’s view on marine pollution. We’re talking with scientists, fishermen, other campaigners as well as corporations and product designers to build the big picture, and already some of the findings are shocking and you can’t help but feel most of the information we all receive through the media simplifies the problem far too much.

As we make this it’s going to a completely open production, every step will be on here so you can follow, get involved send us your own input, there is the need here to bring this problem to every human on the planet, the problem is so big we all have a responsibility to help change things, if we don’t we kill the ocean and ourselves.

If you fancy helping back the project we do have a couple of items left from our initial crowdfunder, there are now five books and one full collection, you can check them out not he links below.

Book –
Full Collection –

IMG_5476 IMG_5477 IMG_5478 IMG_5487 IMG_5632 IMG_5923 mike



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