Five Things I’ve Learnt About Plastic


As well as making incredible images and talking about the extent of marine litter and having an adventure along the way, I’m learning. Learning that whilst plastic isn’t all evil, we need to start figuring out more responsible ways of using it and getting rid of it at the end of its life. So with that in mind here are five things which I didn’t know that a worth thinking about.

1. Plastic bags, they hit the headlines for wrapping themselves round animals and being ingested by things like whales and sharks, but by far the most damage they are doing is around the ocean floor. They get caught up, or lie dormant on the sea bed, effectively starving everything that is beneath them of light, and smothering areas totally. Leaving areas of seafloor barren of life.

2. The more colour in a plastic container, the harder it is to recycle, if you’re going to buy something in a plastic container go clear. We’ll be doing more on this, it’s very complex what can and can’t be recycled, and you’ll be surprised how many products we put into a recycling bin that actually cannot be recycled.


3. The amount of plastic that enters the sea around the UK each year from cosmetics alone is roughly five times more than we remove from our beaches through beach cleans. Think about that for a minute. We’ll do a full feature not his as well, pretty shocking though.

4. About 8% of all oil production makes plastic, of that plastic around 40% of that is designed to be single use. One of the big problems with plastic is we place so little value on it because of this, it’s seen as a one use throwaway item, it’s an attitude that has to change. The solution to the whole marine littering problem is three fold, corporate responsibility, legislation at government and personal responsibility, only combining these three will things change.

5. It’s now estimated that 80% of top end marine predators have plastic and other marine debris in their system. Whilst this may not be terminal, some of that is digested, the substances get deposited in flesh/fat and we eat it. Think Sea Bass, Mackerel, Tuna, Cod, sure an individual fish isn’t going to affect you but eat it regularly and the problems build up.

It’s an incredibly depressing picture, fortunately there are thousands of people doing different thing sarong the planet to do something about it. But as I have said before it’s a massive joint action required. I believe with the people I am working with that what we can achieve by reaching people through beach cleans, SAS and projects like this we can make a mass change.

We’re about to take this to the most crowded places in Europe to show people the problems, right to the corporations, who all have a responsibility to change the way they package things as well as to the wildest corners of the North Atlantic.

If you want to back the project, there are still a couple of rewards left, we really need your help so if you can be incredible thank you.

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