The Week In Plastic – July 1st


PP Update

We’ve been shooting away from the beach. A big part of this project is showing people where the rubbish is coming from, then someone in Birmingham, or Lyon or Calgary can start to understand that their actions directly affect the Ocean. I’ll post full blog of images up this week, but finding rivers barely out of the Pyrenees with large amounts of plastic in them just starts to show what a massive issue this is. Also been talking to product designers, these guys are at the forefront not he corporate end of trying to make direct changes, although some of the techniques being used like dissolvable plastic is interesting but also polluting still.

The Next Digital Postcard goes out tomorrow, you can still get on board and sign up HERE, when you see what the plans are tomorrow for the rest of the project you will want to be getting the inside track. One bit of housekeeping, the real postcards are out there, some didn’t make it due to a franking error, they are now on their way, sorry about that.

Meanwhile what else has been happening in the world of trying to save our oceans? Well as always a hell of a lot –


Greenpeace posted a powerful video of plastic in the med, click the shot to watch it, disturbing evidence of an enclosed sea choking on plastic.


This is an oldie but classic graphic explaining how long stuff takes to break down, pretty frightening stuff, basically means a lot of the plastic we’re sticking int he ocean is going to end up in the fossil record.



If you don’t already follow Rame Peninsula Beach Care on Facebook, they are doing so much for one area of coastline as well as keeping it very clean and raising awareness on a national level. The posted this shot of a Basking Shark with a plastic bag in it’s stomach from Dr Matthew Witt from the University of Exeter. Not pleasant but needs to be seen by everyone, we’re doing this, and we’re all responsible.



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