Piecing Together The Plastic Project


When the project began it was simply me and a camera, travelling through The North East USA, North East Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Spain, France, the UK, The Faroes, Norway and Russia. The plan was to throw a surfer or two on every mission, shoot it, and then come back and write and talk about it. Not just to the surfing world either, we know we have to walk through rubbish every time we go to the beach, and we have to change what we do, but there are billions more who have to change as well.


So after every trip, I put another chapter onto a slideshow, inspiring with the surf and hopefully raising some questions with the rubbish. Surfing has one great ability and that’s to get peoples attention and along with the wild surroundings and adventure show people who would never normally visit remote coastlines what is really out there, and the damage we as a society are doing to it.


Inevitably it has grown, bordering out of control in the task. Every place I have been so far has opened up more questions and insights from local people right up to corporations than there have been answers. We’ve come across huge deposits of rubbish, we’ve interviewed experts, we’ve started projects with fishermen to see what plastic is int eh daily catch, we’ve cleared beaches ourselves and started a documentary.


There are lots of people out there doing great things to help address this catastrophic problem our oceans face, and when it comes down to it we all need to help inspire every individual to change their ways as well as asking some corporations some questions about their own responsibility over profit.

So the plan has grown, we’re now making a film, a short will be out for the london surf film festival, where I will be doing a talk as well. We’ll then spend the winter making a long version, a book, as well as creating talks and slideshows as we go. All of this has become possible thanks to you guys who have backed the project and out Sponsors who have done the same.


Now we’re coming into the exciting part of making all of this, I’ll be posting up a lot more talks and slideshows in the weeks to come and it would be great to see as many people as possible come down to them. They are adventure/surfing/environmentalism all mixed into one. I’m doing them everywhere from schools to film festivals to The Royal Geographic Society.

If you would still like to support the project and haven’t yet there are a couple of ways left –


The Digital Postcard gets you every trip mailed into your inbox, shots before mags get them, and all the tales plus exclusive invites to galleries and talks. Sign up for that here, these are unlimited and you’ll get everything you have missed as well. You will also get a copy of the film before everyone else.


The Book, this is going to be a thick coffee table book of 200 + pages, documenting everything, you’l also get the digital postcard and a real postcard from everywhere as well. This is a very limited edition book, just 150, of which we have 11 left, you can grab one of those here.


Finally there is the full collection, that is all the above, plus you get an incredible limited edition print from every destination for the wall. That’s 18 ltd. edition prints for £100, we have just one of these left here.

Lastly if you’re a company reading this, then drop me a line – timnunnphoto@gmail.com.

A couple of interviews –

Surfer Mag

Approaching Lines


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