The Week In Plastic


It’s been a fascinating week, we’ve developed a pretty solid idea of how the full length documentary is going to pan out. With the help of experts, researchers and everyday people doing their part it’s going to make for an interesting film. We will be shooting from now onwards, I’ll be giving a couple of big mid way presentations along the way, firstly in London in August, at The London Surf Film Festival in October and then The Royal Geographic Society in November to mention just a few. We are looking for a little more funding to make this film as good as it can be, so there are now 40 books left and 1 full collection, hit the links to grab them or check out the full page HERE. We are also always looking for any bigger sponsors so please drop me a line if you’re interested in helping make this huge project work.


We all face a mammoth task of essentially changing the way the whole planet views plastic, uses plastic and reuses plastic. Everybody has a role to play, beach cleaning and booms collecting rubbish may be just a drop in the ocean but are vital, but where the real change will happen is with corporate responsibility, individual responsibility and human ingenuity coming up with ways to engineer plastic projects to prolong their life. We’ll be looking at each of these as we film and shoot them. It’s a period of time where the whole planet stand son a precipice but we have the collective ability to do something about it, and we need not do without things, it’s about changing how we use plastic not getting rid of it, and about stopping any waste reaching the marine ecosystem.


Been a big last ten days for several projects, SAS, Rame Peninsula and the 2 Minute Beachclean all making the news. From a research point of view this article on water fowl on the Atlantic coast of Canada makes for pretty sobering reading, hit the picture to read more and see how many ducks and the like have plastic in their bellies.



Plenty more coming up, been working hard in France looking at plastic in rivers, sea, beach and wildlife, so stay tuned and if you want to get the inside tale and incredible exclusive shots and tales sign up for the Digital Postcard.


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