Progress Report – The Book

For those of you have just come across this for the first time, the plastic project is all about using surfing, adventure and environmental science to raise awareness of the catastrophic amount of marine litter we face in the North Atlantic. It started as a small photographic project and has grown into talks to everyone from schools to film festivals to Geographic Societies. The spark is that we can use surfing to inspire people and companies to help change, it’s a huge issue that requires the whole human race to make a shift, not away from plastics and packaging, but in a direction that makes the use and re-use and disposal of plastic and the like more responsible. To make the project happen, I created my own mini crowd funding project, to include a book. originally there was only 100 of these, but our sponsoring printer allowed us to ad 50 more as we are also making a documentary now. So we have 40 left, if you’d like to back this and help click HERE.

In the meantime this is where we’re at –

Putting together some epic stuff and some gnarly pollution from mainland Scotland.
Norway, the remotest part so far.

I’m now slotting together the elements of France, some fresh shots never seen as well as some front eh archive, all pretty sick, as well as some serious plastic.

m11 DSC_0749



The whole book is restricted to 150 copies and there will be no other way of getting it, it will also come with a copy of the film as well, so if you fancy backing the project and ending up with an incredible book click HERE.


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