Update From the Middle of France

A moment of beauty in the heart of the French Pyrenees.

Been slightly off the radar being in the middle of the French countryside in a remote farmhouse without a lot of internet. But despite being a couple of hours from the coast, I’ve still been working on the next phase of the plastic project. It’s all about documenting where the stuff comes from. It’s all very well seeing it on beaches and the horror of marine creature death, but we also have to cover the source. When someone realises that their actions hundreds of miles from the ocean impacts on the marine environment they can start to make a change. I’ll do a full blog about this later int he week, and there will be a detailed postcard. We’ve also been having a great back and fourth with Coca Cola, but I’ll leave that for another blog.

Snippets from France for the book
Micah Lester in Gold
John John Florence

As well as this for all of you who have signed up for the book or the full collection, we are putting chapters together. Scotland and Norway are well on the way and now France as well. We’re lucky as well in that the printer who agreed to print 100 books for nothing, these are high quality hard backed coffee table books, has added an extra 50, of which there are still 40 up for grabs HERE. Be stoked if anyone can help back the project and in return you are going to get an awesome addition to your coffee table/book shelf at the end of 2015.


It’s exciting times, we have new sponsors coming on board this week, prints are heading out, a full length documentary is now being made and we’re going to be on the TV soon. This week also we’re back online! Even though still in France, and there will be new blog posts every day, so keep tuned in.

A massive thanks to all the sponsors, and every individual who has put their hands in their pockets to help, there are still some rewards HERE, be very grateful to anyone who can help out.

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