This week in plastic

I find myself a long way for the sea, but it’s totally essential. It’s been a pretty interesting few days in The Plastic project, and the project grows and grows. I along with four other photographers are currently shooting six major are shooting six major rivers across Europe. The Thames, The Seven, The Adour (it flows out in Bayonne), The Rhine, The Loire and The Tagus, as well as a lot of little rivers in between. Why? Well it’s become apparent that whilst talking to non sea people they have no idea of how their actions in say Birmingham, can possibly have an affect on the ocean. Fact is that picking up rubbish on beaches is important, figuring out how we can clean up the oceans is essential, changing legislation is important, but the one thing that will halt all future plastic and rubbish int he ocean is every human taking responsibility for every piece they buy and how they dispose of it. It’s a ridiculously big ask but it’s essential, and these massive changes are the ultimate answer to the problem of rubbish in our oceans. So by shooting even miles in land hopefully we can start to help people to understand their actions even in a city like Birmingham or Paris, or even further in land has a direct impact not he health of the ocean.


I’ve also started trying to interview big corporations, everyone has to make a change to solve this issue, but corporate responsibility is the quickest way to halt the problem. For example on every beach I have been to I have found Coke bottles or tops, all plastic. By switching back to the older glass bottles the impact not he environment would be immense, but so would the impact not heir balance sheet, and investors would be pissed. It’s a simplified synopsis of the situation but it is true. A number of large corporations could change things if they wanted to, sadly investors/shareholders are more important than the planet. I’ll pst up interviews as they come together, it’s pretty interesting the cocaresponses so far.

Elsewhere there have been humpbacks getting caught in ghost gear, we got interviewed by Surfer Mag which has helped massively and we have a couple more sponsors coming on board, more of that tomorrow. Next digital postcard hits the streets tomorrow, the second part of Norway. I also have been given another fifty of the books to help the project, the printer originally agreed to 100 but has upped it, I have twenty or so left, you can get involved here by clicking the shot.spread2


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