The Ocean Has Its Day

So it’s world oceans day, I woke up to three pretty shocking emails. The first was standard rubbish from Bali, Micah Lester has been over there and taken a few shots. He’s now in the Maldives and doing the same, expect some film and images soon, from two places where plastic is out of control.


I then went through all the images sent from the swell in the south west over the last few days. With any swell comes a whole new wave of rubbish, it’s sad. Widemouth Task force organised an oil barrel to be removed from the beach, a group of friends in mid Wales removed half a ton of fishing gear off one remote stretch, and the shot below is a standard image from the pushing tide at Watergate from photographer Sarah Clarke. They all suck, but the final email made me realise exactly why we all have to standup and do something about marine litter.


Mike Cunliffe was filming and is producing our documentary and was with us in Norway. He obviously works on many other TV productions and was called to somewhere in the UK for one of those after the discovery of a dead Humpback Whale. Rare in UK waters it was found that this one had become entangled in a long line from a fishing boat, they are working out how long it had been dragging this around with it. The result was that eventually the lines snagged on the seabed and the Whale couldn’t reach the surface for air and drowned. If you wanted one reason why this and every other project raising awareness on marine litter are essential then this is it. Will have more details shortly but this is just horrific, it’s the whole planets responsibility to stop this.

Mike on the left

I’ve been in a couple of debates as to what can be done to reduce and eradicate marine litter, and some people are arguing that beach cleanups are pointless, these new booms to collect rubbish are a waste of time. In reality every bit is important, we all have to pick up rubbish, we all have to change our everyday lives to reduce it, and where we can we need to educate and encourage others to do the same. I’m about to leave on the next leg of the project, which is starting about 300 miles inland, you’ll see why. In the meantime check out the video from Martin and the crew at 2 Minute beach clean, inspirational stuff.

If you’d like to support the plastic project you still can do as we have an additional 50 books up for grabs, check out the link HERE to find out more. If you’re in Edinburgh at the end of the month, I’ll have a date to come and see a slideshow and short film for you.


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