The Story So Far

Sub Arctic
Sub Arctic Iceland, so remote but this snow covered gully is full of driftwood and plastic

This all started as I was making a book called Numb. My mate Ian Battrick and I were travelling the colder reaches of the planet looking for waves. Trying to get off the beaten track as much as possible. We made the book and I started to do talks and slideshows, as it went along I realised that even in the remotest of wilderness spots we got to there was still rubbish on the beach. So I started talking about it, and combining adventure, surfing and the environment people were interested. So it seemed a logical way of getting one of the biggest environmental issues of our time over to the world. Because we can do all the beach cleaning we like, and it sure helps, but if we don’t stop the input, and there is a lot more going in then ultimately it’s just scratching the surface. So The Plastic Project was born, originally a series of adventures under my own steam, documenting the surf and the pollution and then talking about it. From East Coast USA across the whole Northe Atlantic and up into Arctic Russia. Well it started, in Iceland and has snowballed out of control. The interest from people wanting me to come and talk as well as the scale of the issue has escalated resulting in the whole project going from a year long photo project to a two year mission. As well as surf and exploration to remote places raising the awareness of this issue, we’re also working with fisherman, seeing what plastic there is in fish and going to big corporations, to try and get them to change their attitude and use more recyclable products for packaging. I’ve already done talks in London, Birmingham, Cornwall and Scotland and they are just the tip of the Iceberg. We’re now making a short film, and over next winter we are going to leave six cameras on six beaches and time-lapse an entire winter’s worth of rubbish arriving.

Talking in the Tubestation In Polzeath

As for locations, I started by chance in France as I was covering the French WCT, but then wanted to find a kind of ground zero, somewhere there was no plastic, so I choose the North Coast of Iceland. For the full tale you can come to a talk or get the Digital Postcard, or one of the other rewards on my crowdfunder. Sadly there was plastic everywhere.

Remote, perfect with plastic on the beach.

I then headed to the remotest part of mainland Britain I could find, what we found was shocking beyond all belief.

Oldshoremore, remote perfection and a lot of plastic.

old3   Then the last mission was in Norway, up in the Arctic at the end of the Gulf Stream, and boy is there a lot of rubbish up there!

It took us two hours to hike into this beach, so remote in the Lofoten Islands and totally covered in rubbish

Sign up for a digi postcard if you want more, or drop me a line if you’d like me to come and give a talk/slideshow at your school or surf club or just about anywhere. Of course we have scored some epic surf along the way, which are going to put in a book as well as talk about.


If anyone would like to get involved, get me to talk or back the project please feel free to drop me a line –, or go HERE to help get involved. If you’d like to stay tuned with shots and tales just follow the blog as well, and help change the world’s attitude to rubbish in the ocean using surfing.

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