Six time lapses of six winters

Oldshoremore a prime candidate for a camera


As this project has grown so have the goals of what will help spread the word to the world about this problem we have a totally clogged up ocean. I’m finding pictures really hit home and the combination of rubbish and surf is really working on all levels of connecting people. But we’re working on something a little bigger, and have drawn inspiration from one of the great environmental films of our time, Chasing Ice. Check out the trailer below, and if you haven’t seen it watch the whole film, it’s on Netflix. Basically to illustrate the retreat of glaciers they time lapsed 26 of them over three years using DSLRs, so we’re going to use the same tech to time-lapse six possibly eight beaches for an entire winter, just to show exactly how much rubbish shows up.

The beaches are going to have a wide spread, Scotland, Ireland, England, Norway, Iceland and The Faroes, I’m pretty sure some of them may break down but we’re going to have a custodian in each location to check them out regularly. I did hit up both major camera manufacturers to see if they would be interested in supporting this bit but sadly one totally blanked me, and the other, Nikon, came back very politely and declined, sounding like they were not sure their cameras would make it through a winter, despite the fact they will be in a peli.

So I’m rounding up old cameras, specifically Canon 20d/30d and Nikon D300s, either are good, the resolution is more than enough and incredibly they are fairly cheap. A few of you have donated them as well which has been awesome. So stay tuned, I’ll post up the building of these things, we’re going to setup every unit from scratch and bolt them to a few cliffs which will be fun….


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