Five of the most interesting objects from Norway

I’ve wafered enough beaches now to start to realise that pretty much anything can wash up on beaches. Some things are more interesting than others, some more traceable, some still a mystery, here’s five things that certainly shouldn’t have been on a beach in the Arctic.

A pen from United Donegal Fisheries in Killybegs Donegal, probably picked up by a fisherman in Ireland, lost or thrown overboard with the trash. A throwaway promotional item that ended up on one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. I reckon go with giveaway pencils next time guys.
Yeah that gas canister, huge eh? And from Denmark, but wait, it isn’t all about that, there’s the lovely red top of a Coke bottle. Sadly there is one thing I have found on every beach I have shot, every beach, and that’s either a Coke bottle or the lid. Sucks when they have an alternative in the reusable glass bottle.
The Man Of Steel, he travelled across space to save the human race, but was made into a Pez holder, thrown away and ended up in a pile of seaweed in Norway, sucks.
First we found the balls, then we found the balls in a waxy pile of crap. Took a while for use to find out what these are, it seems, although we haven’t had 100% proof, they are used as a kind of bouncy for fuel and oil pipelines at sea. Which seems daft as they seem to perfectly fall apart over time, the waxy stuff dissolves and the balls wash ashore, unless of course that is plan….
My personal favourite, nothing like a box of these at Christmas, made in leicester, ended up in Norway.
Finally, two minutes of picking stuff that on the rocks at Unstad, crazy.



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