The remotest beach so far

Arctic paradise

It’s hard to fathom how bad marine litter is until you go somewhere really really remote and find it. Take this beach on The Lofoten Islands in Arctic Norway. It takes a solid two hours to hike in, locally there are no centres of population, there is a pretty sizeable fishing fleet in these parts though but it is a lot smaller than it used to be. So nothing locally explains the shear volume of rubbish on this incredibly beautiful and remote stretch of sand. The problem the islands have, and the whole of the north of Norway is that they sit at the end of The Gulf Stream, anything that enters the North Atlantic current heads this way, and bolstered by storms moving in this direction it gets deposited on these ‘collector’ beaches. There is debris from all over, some obviously ship derived in the form of ghost gear and fishing related equipment, some from Russia, a lot from European sources and possibly some from the US. We found lobster tags and shotgun cartridges which almost certainly derived from the other side of the Atlantic. More on that in the next post though. We’re on a mission here to see just how penetrating into the wilderness areas of the Atlantic this problem is, we’ve already been pretty remote in Iceland and Scotland but this was shocking. I’ll have a film up online shortly and if you want to see more shots and some exclusive surfing which was pretty sick sign up for the digital postcard HERE. hike2

This fish hoax originated on our east coast
A small stream flows in behind the dune system, it’s full of rusting barrels, buoys and plenty of plastic
A snap shot of the tide line
A little Russian soup
The biggest thing not eh beach was this gas canister, the most common the Coke bottle top, I haven’t been on a beach yet which doesn’t have a coke bottle top on it. So I’m trying to get a meeting with Coke to have a chat about what they think about this.

hike3 hike5 hike9 hike11


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