Short Film


Mike on the camera, me doing a 2 minute/20 minute beach clean. I’m barefoot as I had just been in a river pulling plastic out.
Mike filming me shooting rubbish

We are going to make a short film about The Plastic Project over the next couple of months. It also looks likely it will develop into a longer documentary as well. As we’re trying to reach some of the remotest beaches on the planet, as well as speak to the people responsible for so much plastic products it seems like the ideal medium to help spread the word even further beyond my photography and talks. We worked with Mike Cunliffe from West World Creative based down in Cornwall in Norway as he was there to shoot Micah surfing, so between those shoots he was able to grab some clips with me as well. We’re going to hopefully raise the funds to be able to make the film along these lines and develop it into a doco we can tour with alongside the shots and talk. As always if you can or want to help in anyway check out this PAGE and also check out the project sponsors as well, without it none of this would be possible. film_2

Mike filming the first landfall of some ghost gear.


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