The alien pod


I’ve never driven past such a beautiful beach and been so affected by rubbish that I’ve had to pull over it and try and get as much off it as we could fit in a very full car. But this beach in Norway is just so beautiful, the one just round the corner was voted in the top ten beaches in the country, and it’s easy to see why. But as we drove by this one, looking for surf potential, all I I spotted was a weird alien mass of white wax and yellow balls. We pulled over to check it out, to find the beach resembling a dump, a beautiful remote corner of the planet covered in our waste plastic. Here’s just a few shots of key items.


Micah Lester examining the alien mass
We haven’t had it categorically confirmed but this appears to be part of a flotation buoy used in the oil industry and specifically with underwater drilling and piping. It’s a waxy mass full of hundreds of plastic balls, which we found on every beach we went to.
United Fisheries of Killybegs, Co. Donegal, we found that pen you were looking for, I brought it home with me, it was only 2000 k’s from your office.
Five minutes worth of pick up, this all ended in a recycling bin in the next village.
This biscuit box was made in Leicestershire, can’t get much further from the sea in the UK, sadly the biscuits didn’t survive the journey to the Arctic.
Plastic bottles, reusable cups, they are dimly choking the ocean.
Shell, Texaco and our old friend the Coke bottle top, so far the Coke bottle top is the only thing that we have found on every beach we have gone to from Norway to France.


Mike Cunliffe from Westworld Creative documenting the scene.


We barely scratched the surface with this lot, it was everything we could fit in an overloaded car.




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