The Ocean Could Be Empty and It Would Still Look The Same

One of the reasons I wanted to do this project is to try to reach the public beyond our surfing and coastal communities, to change peoples perception of the sea, nature in general to some extent, to make people realise that what is happening to the ocean is not inevitable and what an incredible place and resource it is. These images show the other side, the beauty of what an amazing place it is, why we love it as surfers. But like most of the rest of the world’s ocean it hides what we have done to it, this wave is just a few hundred yards from a nuclear power station, that has discharged radioactive particles into the ocean, it’s an hours drive from beaches knee deep in plastic, there were bits of plastic wedged into rocks along the shoreline. The ocean deceives us in its beauty, we have to spread the word and make small changes in our daily lives to stop using plastic, doing 2 minute beach cleans when we’re at the beach, support pressure groups like Surfers Against Sewage, no one else will and we’ll be left with a lifeless ocean. Enjoy the shots, it’s an epic place.

tuesday_wave monday_wave water_4 water_3 water_2 water_1 ten1 winter_slab


If you’d like one of these on your wall sign up for one of the last five full collections here, or get the book – GET INVOLVED – or if you just want to help this project out.

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