Got one of these?

30d_20d Why you may ask am I looking for an old Canon 20d/30d or Nikon D200/300? Well I’m actually looking for five or six, to make an eight month long time-lapse. Crazy though it may be I want to bring to the masses just how much marine litter is washing up on beaches and to do that I’m going to take five beaches, maybe a couple more, one in England, Scotland, The outer Islands of Britain, Iceland and Norway and bolt a camera to a cliff for eight months. Every hour of daylight it will take a picture, every month I’ll get these shots and create a time laps, culminating in a massive one at the end of the 8 months to show exactly how much rubbish is washing up. It’s not a new idea, it’s been done before in lots of areas of Geography and environmental research (check out Chasing Ice), and is another example of how the visualising of this sort of problem can really hit home, and beyond our coastal communities where we need to help people understand the problem and severe stress our oceans are under. So I’m looking for these old cameras, why, well new ones cost a lot of money and this is already going to run into several thousand pounds to make happen, plus the resolution on these for a time-lapse is fine, and if one gets stolen (unlikely) or blown off a cliff (more likely), then it won’t be too much to replace. So if you fancy donating one, or have an old one you will sell to me cheaply drop me a line – I’ll post up the construction and the full details of this part of the project over the next couple of weeks. If you’d like to help the project in other ways I still have some rewards on my own crowd funding page here – GET INVOLVED


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